Working life

Suddenly I have the mood to write about working life. Although I dont have time to write, but oh well. Previously in my student life, I really thought working life is a “prestigious” thing to do, but it is not. It is hard, and fun at the same time. Fun because I managed to learn new things and make new friends. Hard because, you know, the work itself. Then the worst part, most of my time will...

To my English visitor

Hello and welcome to my website! My name is ihsan and this is one of my own website under my father’s domain (i am a student, so i cant afford my own). Hope you can understand Malay language very well, hehe. This websites initially created for my colleagues in Malaysia, so i hope you dont mind my older post. After this I will post in both language, english and malay. Hope you enjoy visiting my...

kehidupan selepas SPM

x de pape yg istimewa, cuma diisi dgn suka duka kehidupan… x de niat nk menulis pown, cume nk promote video nih…dh lame x post vid…hehe tgk...

SPM (Sijil Paling Menakutkan !)

TAKOOT !!! ape perlu sye buat ? sye x tau nk buat ape… terlalu takutkan spm… sehinggakan sye terpaku…tergugah… ishk…this is not a laughing matter…okay ? really…this is the scariest year of my life… scary…scarier…scariest…btul ke? WHAT SHOULD I DO !!?? !!?????? ????? ?? ???? apa perlu sye buat ??!! x de pape pon…sje nk promote vid...

Intro MPA

Betulkanlah niat kita tabahkanlah hati kita agar hidup kita bahagia dimana saja kita berada Assalamualaikum !!! haa…ni yg ex ci ted ni…sbb balek2 umah dh ader banyak gile buku… bukan calang2 nyer buku…antaranya: 1. Solusi isu 25 2. Negeri 5 menara (A.Fuadi) 3. Petua menjadi insan berkredibiliti (‘FK’) ala…sape lg…Fadhilah Kamsah 4. dan byk lg….huhuhu...

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